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Tiendegaarden Møn



Pack your bags and get going. Like nothing else Møns Klint offers experiences beyond the ordinary. Enjoy a special day on the beach along Denmarks most spectacular coast and dip your feet in the turquoise water.

Møns Klint - The white cliffs

Møns Klint is the definitely the most magnificent experience on Møn. The white chalk cliffs give you an amazing view as it reflects itself on the turquoise ocean. Standing on the beach you will see how small we humans really are. 

Enjoy yourself on the beach of Møns Klint and you are lucky you may even see the peregrine falcon hunting its prey near the cliffs. On the beach you can find fossils and ambers in the shallow water.

The cliffs stairs will activate your body while you enjoy the cool breeze created by the cliffs. Allow yourself to stop and feel your soul, as you let your mind drift while enjoying the view from the great vantage points on the cliff.

With a 270 metre wooden boardwalk on the cliffs edge, everyone has access to the view.

Møns Klint fra Søsiden

Geocenter Møns Klint

The most modern science centre of northern Europe. Visit GeoCenter Møns Klint when you are at Møns Klint for the full experience. The GeoCenter takes you 70 millions years back in time with its high-technological exhibition techniques, free artistic interpretations and rare fossils showing you the bottom of the Chalk Ocean and the unique nature on the cliff.

The exhibition combines a prehistoric element, a present-day element, a workshop, a climbing cave and a 3D cinema for the ultimate experience. The workshop provides a wide variety of activities for children and adults throughout the day.

You might find your very own 70 million year old fossil!


Maybe, find your own 70-million-years-old fossil?

Go on boat ride with Discovery

There are plenty of opportunity to go on a family trip on the waters with Denmark's longest coastline on Møn and South Zealand.

You can take one of our tour boats and see Møns Klint from the sea. Its a great experience witnessing Møn and South Zealand from a sailing boat on the ocean.

Discovery Møns Klint

Castles and mansions 

The most romantic place on Møn is definitely the old castle in Liselund Park. The small white-chalked building with a thatch roof was built in 1792 by an English nobleman who names it after his wife Lise.The park surrounding the castle is very unique and adventurous with its cozy and atmospheric trails and pavilions. Direct access to Møns Klint is available from the park.

The beautiful garden was once a part of Klinteskoven, until 1783 where Antione de la Calmette the owner of Calmettenborg (Marienborg today) and his wife Lisa purchased Sømarkegården and a part of Klinteskoven. Inspired by they trips in Europe and of Rousseau, they transformed the forest into a beautiful garden with beautiful buildings surrounding it.

Antoine was quite interested in architecture and built a small romantic castle "Liselund Slot", a Schweizer Cottage "Schweizerhytten", a Norwegian House "Norskehuset", and a Chinese Pavilion.

The park of Liselund is culture-historical sight. The park offers exotic plants and buildings: the Chinise Tea Pavilion, the Norwegian House and the Swiss Cottage. The park is always open.


Cycling holiday on Møn

Vacation in your own pace - a simple holiday choice.

The extraordinarily beautiful nature on Møn is ideal to experience from a bike seat. The area has plenty of biking trails and paths on the eastern side of Møn with Klinteskoven and the tall white cliffs at Møns Klint. This is where you will find “Denmarks mount stage”. This route leads you through Denmark's most breathtaking nature. Magnificent views of the the cliffs and ocean, crooked and hilly landscapes covered in forest. The hilly route will definitely leave you breathless in more than one way!

If you and your family are thinking of going on a cycling holiday, come to Møn and South Zealand. Here you will tone your leg muscles whilst enjoying the beautiful surroundings.You can either ride your bikes via the Berlin-Copenhagen route or bring or rent bikes here. If you rent the bikes with us, we have four suggestions for Panorama routes you can follow on day trips. There is something for families with small children and for people on handbikes. All the routes run along beautiful roads, past cultural and historical sights as well as magnificent natural attractions.

“The sweet route” is a trip suitable for families. On quiet country roads the route leads you past Stege Nor, through the hilly landscape and small towns with old houses where activities are plentiful. 

Read our "Times"

In Tiendegaarden Times you can read about the farms history and get tips and ideas for your holiday trips on island Møn.

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Danish television channel produced a small film. Only available in Danish. But it will still give you an impression.

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