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Guided Dark Sky Park tours 

– experience nature and the skies  while being in the darkness

How long time is it since  you were in nature's world in the dark hours?

When darkness subsides in the landscape of Møn, the scene of nature changes, for plants and for animals. Changes in sounds, scents, temperature and light sharpen the senses of both animals and humans.
Being embrased by the darkness of the forest  gives us a truly unique and intense experience of being present in the moment and alive with all senses sharpened.
Learn about  the world of the animals and plants of the darkness  and explore your own state of mind in that darkness.

Get to know the secrets  about the best place to experience the most amazing starry sky in Møn "Dark Sky Park"?
Enter safely into the darkness with the local guide Naturguide Møn by your side. 
Return home with an experience from Møn that you'll never forget!

- Remember bring warm clothes, sturdy shoes and lots of desires of adventures.
- Location and time are determined by season and practical conditions.

1) Contact Naturguide Møn about date, meetingpoint and prize

2) Guided Tours in Dark Sky 


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